Registration to ISDA-Online / mailing list

Two options for registration are available while self-registration is the preferred option.
In case that the mailing list server is unavailable in your country please use the web-mask for registration.

Self-registration via mailing list server
Please use the link below to register/subscribe to the ISDA-Online/mailing list:

Click here to register/subscribe


Registration via web-mask (only if self-registration doesn't work)

Some people may experience issues connecting to our mailing list server depending on their country of origin. If self-registration via the mailing list server is impossible, please subscribe here. We can add/remove you to/from the ISDA mailing list by hand.

Subscribers of the ISDA mailing list will:

  • receive information on ISDA-Online events.
  • receive Webex links that are required to participate in upcoming ISDA-Online events.
  • be able to unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time.

Note: No separate registration for future ISDA-Online events is required. ISDA-Online events are free of charge.

In case of questions or if you have difficulties to subscribe please contact us via