Topic: Coupled Data Assimilation

Friday, May 7, 2021 from 15-17h UTC

Organizers and Conveners: Javier Amezcua, Nora Schenk, Ting-Chi Wu

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Program / Abstracts (PDF Download)


  • Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Covariances in Global Ensemble Simulations: Impact of an Eddy-Resolving Ocean
    Sergey Frolov, Carolyn A. Reynolds, Michael Alexander, Maria Flatau, Neil P. Barton, Patrick Hogan, Clark Rowley
  • Strongly coupled data assimilation with the coupled ocean-atmosphere model AWI-CM: comparison with the weakly coupled data assimilation
    Qi Tang, Longjiang Mu, Helge Goessling, Tido Semmler, Lars Nerger
  • Multivariate localization functions for strongly coupled data assimilation
    Zofia Stanley, Ian Grooms, William Kleiber
  • Development of Global Ensemble-based Data Assimilation System in JEDI for Aerosol Forecasting and Reanalysis using the GEFS-Aerosols Model
    Bo Huang, Mariusz Pagowski, Cory Martin, Samuel Trahan, Dan Holdaway, Andrew Tangborn, Daryl Kleist, Shobha Kondragunta, Arlindo da Silva, Sarah Lu, Shih-Wei Wei
  • Data assimilation in coupled chaotic dynamics and its combination to machine learning to infer unresolved scale error
    Alberto Carrassi, Laurent Bertino, Marc Bocquet, Julien Brajard, Jonathan Demaeyer, Stephane Vannitsem

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