Organizing Committee

Javier Amezcua (Tec. de Monterrey, Mexico; U. Reading, UK)
Tobias Necker (ECMWF, Germany)
Lars Nerger (AWI, Germany)
Nora Schenk
(DWD, Germany)
James Taylor (RIKEN, Japan)

Scientific Advisory Committee

Roland Potthast (DWD, Germany)
Takemasa Miyoshi (RIKEN, Japan)
Lars Nerger
(AWI, Germany)
Peter Jan Van Leeuwen
(CSU, Fort Collins, US; U. Reading, UK)
Martin Weissmann (U. Vienna, Austria)

Former organizers

Zofia Stanley (US)
Ting-Chi Wu (Taiwan)

Details on organizers and conveners of each monthly event are provided on all event pages.