Organizing Committee

Javier Amezcua (Tec. de Monterrey, Mexico; U. Reading, UK)
Tobias Necker (U. Vienna, Austria)
Lars Nerger (AWI, Germany)
Nora Schenk
(DWD, Germany)
Zofia Stanley (NOAA/CIRES, US)
James Taylor (RIKEN, Japan)

Scientific Advisory Committee

Roland Potthast (DWD, Germany)
Takemasa Miyoshi (RIKEN, Japan)
Lars Nerger
(AWI, Germany)
Peter Jan Van Leeuwen
(CSU, Fort Collins, US; U. Reading, UK)
Martin Weissmann (U. Vienna, Austria)

Former organizers

Ting-Chi Wu (RIKEN, Japan)

Details on organizers and conveners of each monthly event are provided on all event pages.