International Symposium on Data Assimilation - Online

Advancing Research and Collaboration - News Report June 2023

The International Symposium on Data Assimilation - Online (ISDA-Online) recently marked its third anniversary as a connecting online platform for advancing research and fostering collaboration. With this news report, the core organizers want to summarise past achievements and thank everyone for their contributions: co-organizing events and chairing talks, contributing abstracts and presentations, or simply attending ISDA-Online events.


Since 2021, ISDA-Online has served as a seminar series on Data Assimilation. The seminar series initially aimed to bridge COVID restrictions to allow international scientific dialogue in difficult times. Today, ISDA-Online is a global hub for exchanging ideas and insights with multinational organizers from Japan, Germany, Mexico, the United States, and Austria.


Over the past three years, ISDA-Online has organized 19 events featuring 93 presentations, with 88 recorded for wider accessibility. The presentations are uploaded on YouTube and cover diverse data assimilation topics, offering researchers valuable insights into cutting-edge methodologies and applications. The program also featured two special events with invited presentations on the history of data assimilation and the status of operational data assimilation systems. 


ISDA-Online has attracted an average of approximately 75 participants per event, comprising experts, scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts from around the world. Over its three-year journey, ISDA-Online has reached around 1,400 attendees accumulated, plus numerous views of recorded presentations. Today, the ISDA-Online mailing list connects about 500 subscribers. This diverse and large community highlights the symposium's impact and relevance in advancing the field of data assimilation.


By leveraging virtual platforms, ISDA-Online transcends geographical limitations and creates a vibrant global network of researchers united in their commitment to advancing the field. The website contains information about past and future events including links to all recorded presentations plus a community tool that lists upcoming data assimilation related conferences and workshops. Please subscribe to the mailing list if you still need to do so for news on upcoming events. Again, Thank you for participating and bringing life to this seminar series!


We hope to see you all at ISDA2023 in Bologna.


Kind regards,


Tobias Necker (University of Vienna, Austria)

Javier Amezcua (Tec. de Monterrey, Mexico; U. Reading, UK)

Nora Schenk (DWD, Germany)

Zofia Stanley (US)

James Taylor (RIKEN, Japan)

Lars Nerger (AWI, Germany)


ISDA Bologna 2023

The International Symposium on Data Assimilation 2023 will take place in Bologna, Italy from October 16-20, 2023 (in-person event).

Abstract submission deadline: May 26, 2023 (extended!)

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About ISDA-Online

The International Symposium on Data Assimilation - Online (ISDA-Online) is an online seminar series on the topic of Data Assimilation.

The ISDA-Online seminar series provides a monthly online platform for the exchange of new and exciting data assimilation research. Each ISDA-Online event is a session of 2 hours with several presentations on changing topics. Usually, an event is scheduled on the first Friday of each month, but there might be exceptions in case of holidays. We alternate between 7-9h UTC and 15-17h UTC. This schedule allows us joint meetings of Europe, Asia, Australia (for 7-9h UTC), or Europe and the Americas (for 15-17h UTC). For our events, we use the software Cisco Webex Events.

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