Topic: Chemistry and Aerosols: Modelling, Observations, and DA

Friday, November 5, 2021 from 07-09 UTC

Organizers and Conveners: Ting-Chi Wu (RIKEN), Tsuyoshi Thomas Sekiyama (MRI, JMA), Benjamin Gaubert (ACOM, NCAR)

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  • Toward Aerosol-aware Data Assimilation System: Accounting for Aerosol Transmittance Effects on Radiance Observation Operator
    Shih-Wei Wei
  • A Fast Visible-wavelength 3D Radiative Transfer Model for Numerical Weather Prediction Visualization and Forward Modeling
    Louie Grasso, Steve Albers, Steven D. Miller
  • Satellite Imagery and Products of the 16-17 February 2020 Saharan Air Layer Dust Event over the Eastern Atlantic: Impacts of Water Vapor on Dust Detection and Morphology
    Louie Grasso, Daniel Bikos, Jorel Torres, John F. Dostalek, Ting-Chi Wu, John Forsythe, Heather Q. Cronk, Curtis J. Seaman, Steven D. Miller, Emily Berndt, Harry G. Weinman, Kennard B. Kasper
  • Aerosol Data Assimilation using the Four-Dimensional Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter
    Tie Dai
  • Constraining Vertical Allocation of Wildfire Emissions using Airborne DIAL-HSRL Observations during FIREX-AQ
    Xinxin Ye, Pablo Saide, John Hair, Marta Fenn, Taylor Shingler,
    Amber Soja, Emily Gargulinski, Elizabeth Wiggins


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