Topic: Land-Surface Data Assimilation

Friday, December 2, 2022 from 15-17 UTC

Organizers and Conveners: Patricia de Rosnay (ECMWF), Zofia Stanley (NOAA/CIRES, US)

Assimilation of land surface variables (including snow depth, soil moisture, soil temperature, and snow temperature) has been shown to improve forecasts of atmospheric surface fields in numerical weather prediction systems. We invite contributions on land-only DA and coupled land-atmosphere DA (with an emphasis on the impact of the land component) in global, regional, and idealized models. 

Program / Abstracts (PDF Download) 

Questions asked during the event (Yopad)

Session recordings (RIKEN homepage)


  • Recent activities on snow data assimilation for NWP and reanalysis at ECMWF (invited)
    Kenta Ochi, Patricia de Rosnay, David Fairbairn
  • Assimilation Impacts of SMAP Soil Moisture Retrievals within Strongly Coupled Atmosphere-Land Surface Data Assimilation System (pre-recorded)
    Sujeong Lim, Seon Ki Park, Milija Zupanski
  • Ecohydrological land reanalysis by assimilating satellite microwave observations into a land surface model (pre-recorded)
    Yohei Sawada, Hiroyuki Tsutsui, Hideyuki Fujii, Toshio Koike
  • Improving sub-seasonal prediction skill of NorCPM using soil moisture assimilation
    Akhilesh S. Nair, François Counillon, Noel Keenlyside
  • Improving the Representation of Land Surface Processes using the Data Assimilation Research Testbed (DART)
    Brett Raczka, Xueli Huo, Daniel Hagan, Andrew M. Fox, Moha Gharamti, Kevin Raeder, Rolf Reichle, Emmanuel Dibia, Jeffrey Anderson
  • Improving streamflow simulation by assimilating Sentinel-1 backscatter into a land surface model with river routing (invited)
    Michel Bechtold, Sara Modanesi, Hans Lievens, Pierre Baguis, Isis Brangers, Alberto Carrassi, Augusto Getirana, Alexander Gruber, Zdenko Heyvaert, Christian Massari, Samuel Scherrer, Stéphane Vannitsem, Gabrielle De Lannoy

Time Zones:
17 UTC
Europe:           03 – 05 pm GMT (London)     | 04 – 06 pm CET (Berlin)
Asia/Australia: 11 – 01 am CST (Shanghai)  | 00 – 02 am JST (Tokyo)      | 02 – 04 am AEDT (Sydney)
Americas:        07 – 09 am PST (San Fran.) | 08 – 10 am MST (Denver)   | 10 – 12 am EST (New York)

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