Special Event: Operational Data Assimilation

Special Event, Friday, March 3, 2023 from 7-9h am UTC

Organizers and Conveners: Tobias Necker, Nora Schenk, Javier Amezcua, Zofia Stanley, James Taylor, Lars Nerger

Invited chairs: Takuya KAWABATA (MRI, JMA, Japan) and Massimo BONAVITA (ECMWF, UK)

Invited speakers: Yoshiaki SATO (JMA, Japan) and Florence RABIER (ECMWF, UK)

Operational centres operate complex forecast systems and advance these systems by employing new developments in data assimilation methodology, observations, and models. This special ISDA-Online event invites two distinguished speakers from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). The speakers will present their operational system's current status and future perspectives, focusing on the data assimilation component.

Program / Abstracts (PDF Download *updated*)

Questions asked during the event (Yopad)

Session recordings (RIKEN website)

Invited presentations:

  • Current status and Future Prospects of Data Assimilation Systems for Operational Numerical Weather Prediction Systems in Japan Meteorological Agency
    Speaker: Yoshiaki SATO (Head, Office of Numerical Prediction Modeling Fundamental Technology, NPD, JMA)
  • Developments and prospects for the ECMWF Data Assimilation system
    Speaker: Florence RABIER (Director-General, ECMWF)

Time Zones:
09 UTC
Europe:            07 – 09 am GMT (London)      | 08 – 10 am CET (Berlin)
Asia/Australia: 03 – 05 pm CST (Shanghai)   | 04 – 06 pm JST (Tokyo)      | 06 – 08 pm AEDT (Sydney)
Americas:        11pm – 01 am PST (San Fran.)  | 00 – 02 am MST (Denver)   | 02 – 04 am EST (New York)

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