Topic: Convective-Scale Data Assimilation

Friday, April 16, 2021 from 7-9h UTC

Organizers and Conveners: Tobias Necker, Martin Weissmann, Jeffrey Anderson, Ting-Chi Wu

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Program / Abstracts (PDF Download)


  • Exploring Particle Filtering Strategies for Convective-scale Weather Forecasting
    Joshua McCurry, Jonathan Poterjoy, Kent Knopfmeier, Louis Wicker
  • Assimilation of Radial Winds with Observation Error Correlated in Time and Space
    Tadashi Fujita, Hiromu Seko, Takuya Kawabata, Ken Sawada, Daisuke Hotta, Yasutaka Ikuta
  • Using visible satellite images in convective-scale data assimilation
    Leonhard Scheck, Stefan Geiss, Lilo Bach, Alberto de Lozar, Martin Weissman
  • An observation operator for geostationary lightning imager data assimilation in storm-scale numerical weather prediction systems
    Pauline Combarnous, Felix Erdmann, Olivier Caumont, Éric Defer
  • AROME-France 4DEnVar: A data assimilation system for NWP at convective scale
    Pierre Brousseau, Etienne Arbogast, Loïk Berre, Yann Michel, Thibaut Montmerle

Time Zones:
09 UTC
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