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The community tool provides a platform to share information on upcoming data assimilation related events, conferences, workshops with the ISDA community.

Future events

  • EGU 2023: (23-28 April 2023 / Vienna, Austria / hybrid)
    Session AS1.1: Numerical weather prediction, data assimilation and ensemble forecasting
    Session AS1.12: Developments in storm and convective scale data assimilation and observations
    Session NP5.2:
    Inverse problems, Predictability, and Uncertainty Quantification in Geosciences using Data Assimilation and its combination with Machine Learning
    Session NP5.4: Coupled Data Assimilation, Observations, and Uncertainties in the Earth System
    Submission deadline:
    10 January 2023, 13:00 CET
  • 18th International EnKF workshop (May 2-5, 2023 / Norheimsund, Norway / On-site conference)
    Workshop for presenting and stimulating new DA method development and application
    Format: Talks and posters. No paper submission, but abstracts are reviewed by a scientific committee.
    Submission deadline: 14pm CET, Feb 1, 2023
  • OceanPredict DA-TT (May 9-11, 2023 / Rome, Italy / in-person)
    The meeting aims to bring together experts in the field of ocean and coupled data assimilation to discuss the latest progress and challenges in the field.
    Submission deadline: Feb 17, 2023
  • ECMWF Training Course for Data Assimilation (15-19 May 2023 / Reading, UK / in-person)
    Registration closing date: 28 February 2023
  • IUGG 2023 (11-20 July 2023 / Berlin, Germany)
    Session M34 on DA & ML
  • Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) (30 July–04 August 2023 / Singapore)
    Session AS15: 6th Sasaki Symposium on Data Assimilation for Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Hydrologic Application
    Submission deadline: Feb 14, 2023
  • ISDA 2023: (16-20 October 2023 / Bologna, Italy / in-person)
  • ...

Please get in touch with us via email (click here), if you want to share an upcoming event with the community. All we need are the conference name, a link/url, the date, the venue, the format, and a short description.

Past events