Topic: Satellite Data Assimilation

Friday, February 5, 2021 from 7-9h UTC

Organizers and Conveners: Takemasa Miyoshi

Link to session recordings (RIKEN homepage / Japan)

Programm / Abstracts (PDF - Download)


  • Assimilation of GPM DPR Spectral Latent Heating using Vertical Correlated Observation Error Covariance in Kalman Gain
    Yasutaka IKUTA
  • Evaluating the impact of precipitation radar observations from a geostationary satellite on typhoon forecasts
    James Taylor, Atsushi Okazaki, Moeka Yamaji, Takuji Kubota, Riko Oki, Takemasa Miyoshi
  • A tempered particle filter for jointly assimilating satellite soil moisture and flood extent maps into a flood inundation model
    Renaud Hostache, Patrick Matgen, Peter-Jan van Leuuwen, Nancy Nichols, Marco Chini, Ramona Pelich, Carole Delenne
  • Role of Scatterometer Data Assimilation in the simulation of boundary layer flow of tropical cyclones
    Jyoti Bhate, Amit Kesarkar, Arpita Munshi, Govindan Kutty, and Sanjib De
  • Experimental assimilation of space-borne cloud radar and lidar observations directly in the 4D-Var system used at ECMWF
    Marta Janisková, Mark Fielding

Note: Presentations are in parts a selection from the abstracts that have been submitted for ISDA-2020.