Topic: Mathematics of Data Assimilation

Friday, March 12, 2021 from 15-17h UTC

Organizers and Conveners: Lars Nerger, Steven Fletcher, Javier Amezcua

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Program / Abstracts (PDF Download)


  • Mitigating Sampling Error using Optimal Localisation in Ensemble Data Assimilation
    Rebecca Atkinson, Sue Hughes, Jonathan Flowerdew
  • Ensemble-based data assimilation via nonlinear couplings
    Ricardo Baptista, Youssef Marzouk
  • Continuum Covariance Propagation for Understanding Variance Loss in Advective Systems
    Shay Gilpin, Tomoko Matsuo, Stephen E. Cohn
  • A subspace iterative ensemble smoother for solving DA and inverse problems
    Geir Evensen
  • High-dimensional Data Assimilation using Regularization and Iterative Resampling with the Local Particle Filter
    Jonathan Poterjoy

Time Zones:
15 17 UTC
15 pm
17 pm GMT (London)
16 pm – 18 pm CET (Berlin)
12 pm – 02 am JST (Tokyo)
8 am – 10 am MST (Denver)
10 am
12 am EST (New York)

Note: Presentations are a selection from the abstracts that have been submitted for ISDA-2020.